Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Smedley Award and Back-to-School for Toastmasters

Here is the email announcement regarding "Back-to-school" TM Marketing and the Smedley award in case you want to edit it and post it to your area blog.
- Dave Wheeler, Div.A Governor, 2006-7


For immediate release to all Toastmaster Club Officers and leaders.
Please distribute to all Toastmaster Clubs and Club Officers.

The Smedley Award and Back-to-School
Have you noticed that the back-to-school advertisements have
started to appear in the newspapers? We too can start our
marketing plan today and promote Toastmasters as an educational
item for back-to-school.

Let your Toastmasters community know that better communication
skills are just as important as stocking up on paper, notebooks,
pencils and pens. Take stock in Toastmasters.

Imagine the pressure of communications if you were starting your
business, your MBA or your law degree. It takes awhile to
recognize the need, even engineers, scientists, and computer/IT
professionals need more than just technical expertise to get ahead
in their career. Let's find the time to promote Toastmasters.

Share the gifts of our communication and leadership program and
help your Club earn the Smedley Award - named for our founder,
Dr. Ralph C. Smedley.

Toastmaster's Smedley Award
Add 5 New Members in August / September 2006

October 1924 Was When It All Began - Ralph Smedley and a few
men met in Santa Ana, California YMCA and conducted the first
meeting of what would eventually evolve into what we know today
as Toastmasters. One person initiated a program that would go on
to affect millions of people.

In Ralph Smedley's honor, a Toastmaster Club will receive the
Smedley Award Ribbon for display on their Club's Banner ... IF the
Club qualifies by increasing their club membership by 5 or more
new members in the months of August and September 2006.
The club will also earn a choice of one module from The Better
Speaker Series, The Successful Club Series, or The Leadership
Excellence Series.

TRIVIA CHALLENGE: What is Ralph Smedley's middle name?
What does the "C" in Dr. Ralph C. Smedley stand for?


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