Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome to the TM New Year!

July 1st began the Toastmasters New Year!

New officers, new goals, re-newed determination.
This year finds me the new Area 4 Governor under
Dave Wheeler's excellent leadership as the new
Division A Governor. I am really honored and excited
to visit you all in Area 4 over this coming year, connecting
with old friends and meeting the new. I look forward to seeing
the growth and enjoying the unique personality of each club.

Saturday will find me in Hartford at my first official function,
a training day. It will be fun to see what is before us.

At Cartus Magnus Tuesday, July 11, the Toastmaster
Gerald Strout gave their "Magnus Award" to Fran Hood
who very ably had given an inspirational Icebreaker
speech entitled "When Life Hands You Lemons..."
(complete with lemons and a lemon pie!).

Here's to the Year of the Distinguished Club!
See you soon!
Anne Swartout
Area A4 Governor

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