Thursday, July 20, 2006


The District 53 mission phrase this year is "Lead with Vision". Division A Governor Dave Wheeler has posted the Toastmaster Training Institute flier (the second blog down) announcing the training day in Hartford August 5th. Come One! Come All! All TM members are welcome. Register early. Bring your club officers! Expand your Horizons!

Clubs with 5 new members registered by August 31st will receive the Smedley Award, a banner attachment of distinguishment. How about all 4 area clubs achieving this honor!!! (Using WOM may be the way- see prior blog from Dave). This is Club Challenge 3! We are moving along! Club Challenge 2 is having 5 officers trained before August 31st. TLI! Challenge 1, posting a timely report of Club Officers, has been met by all clubs. Go Team A4! Sailing into the Future!

At WestConn's meeting the Calley award was garnished by Paul Tanner for an excellent job as Toastmaster, running the meeting in an inspiring and proficient manner in this his first experience. Carmine Coco deYoung's prepared speech "Seize the Day" was voted best speech with excellent vocal variety, verbal acuity and wonderful message.

Seize the following Days!

November 3- Friday- District 53 50th Anniversary!!! Party- Holiday Inn Turf, Albany

November 4- Saturday- "Sail into the Future"- District 53 Annual Fall Conference
Speech Contests, Education, Hall of Fame, District Council
Holiday Inn Turf, Albany register early!

September- Fall Contests! Humerous and Evaluation- Club Contests by September 16!
Check the Calendar, Seize the Day, Sail into the Future!

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